HELP: The world’s LARGEST Online Hub for FREE Quran Resources

Why support this Quran resources project? 

Have you ever wanted a website where all Quran resources can be found and centralised? From Quran memorisation to Quran journaling, our website will have a rich and wide range of resources to help you to benefit more from and connect even deeper with the Quran! We want the Quran to be accessible to as many people as possible. From Quran memorisation to Quranic reflection resources, we aim to have a wide range of valuable resources to help the global Muslim community grow and develop. Most importantly, the Quran is a book of hidden gems and an ocean of guidance. We have already acquired the URL for this project!


The Messenger of Allah said (to the nearest meaning): “Among the good deeds that will reach a believer after his death are: knowledge which he learned then spread, a righteous son whom he leaves behind, a copy of the Qur’ān which he leaves behind as a legacy……” (until the end) 

– Ibn Mājah, classed as Hasan.

What specific Quran resources can be found within this website?

We have categorised the key areas of Quran resources which can be found within our website:

  1. Quran memorisation resources: Over the last 5-10 years, we have noticed a huge demand in resources to help people to memorise the Quran. This can range from children to adults. Our aim is to include a wide range of resources to help people in their Quran memorisation journey. From recommended Quran apps, Hifdh blogs/articles, specific book titles with Quran memorisation tips and advice, there will be so much information available to help you to strengthen your Quran memorisation!
  2. Quran recitation resources: We appreciate that everyone has their own preferences when it comes to listening to Quran reciters. In fact, today we are so blessed to have such a wide range of reciters to benefit and choose from. We are literally spoilt for choice! We are aiming to not only provide a platform for you to listen to beautiful Quran reciters but to provide you with resources to help you to better and develop your own Quran recitation and vocal skills. There will be coaching videos, tips and blogs to help beautify your voice and much more!
  3. Quran teaching resources: Teaching the Quran is by no means an easy feat. It requires a lot of dedication, patience and commitment. At the same time, we appreciate that not every Quran teacher has access to support mechanisms to help them to teach the Quran in an effective way. Every student and class are different. One of the key aspects of being an effective Quran teacher is knowing how to differentiate and categorise every learner. Therefore, this section will include a wide range of resources to help you to teach the Quran in the best way possible. We will include Quran teaching demos and tutorial videos, teaching pedagogy methods, blogs/articles and much more!
  4. Quran journaling resources: As we mentioned earlier, everyone has their own unique journey with the Quran. The aim of Quran journaling is to help you reflect more closely with the words of Allah. Our lives are so busy that we don’t often take out time to think or ponder over the meanings of the Quranic verses. What messages or lessons can I take from each verse? What is the deeper meaning behind the words of Allah? The Quran is a vast ocean of knowledge, wisdom and treasures that only we can unlock with the help of authentic Quran resources available at our fingertips. Within this section, we will include Quran journaling prompts/ideas, tips on how to journal effectively, a range of Quranic reflection through specific verses and themes and much more!
  5. Childrens’ Quran resources: This will probably be one of the most fun and interactive sections of the website! We appreciate that technology has advanced so much over the years and most children learn better with visual aids, especially when it comes to the Quran. Grasping and learning the Arabic language is challenging as it is. This section will include: Quran learning games, Quran quizzes, Puzzles/Crosswords, Colouring activities, Quran stories and much much more!

How does this link to My Quran Journal?

Alhamdulillah, we managed to raise £18k for Phase 1 of My Quran Journal project. This allowed us to design, publish and print the book which will be ready to ship out in January/February 2023 Insha’Allah. Thank you to those who had supported this project. Phase 2 of My Quran Journal project will allow us to build and develop a website which will aim to bring in rich Quranic resources to help ANYONE further their relationship with the Quran. A QR code will be available to scan from My Quran Journal and this will lead all readers to our Quran resources website. We want to help facilitate a closer relationship with Allah’s book. The Quran is a journey for every one of us. Each person has their own unique journey with the Quran. The thematic approach to My Quran Journal will help readers digest and internalise the Quran in a way that they may never have done before. So, the website is like an additional tool for those who wish to keep engaging and growing spiritually with the Quran. The website will not just be restricted to those who have purchased a copy of My Quran Journal but for ANYONE who wishes to delve deeper into the marvels of Allah’s book!

What is the cost for users?

All resources that are found within our website will be absolutely FREE to download and use! There will be no costs for anyone to use the website. The resources will be presented in a very user-friendly manner and can be easily downloaded at your own convenience. We will constantly be updating the website with Quran resources on a regular basis. 

How will your donations help to support the Quran resources project?

Your donations will help us to plan, design, build, develop and maintain the Quran resources website. The vast majority of the donations will be used to build and structure an effective and user-friendly website. We will be working with web designers, web developers and website testers to help ensure that the resources are easily accessible throughout the website. As the website will be a work in progress and resources will be updated even after the website goes live, we want to ensure that this can easily be done without any issues. The technical and coding elements of the website will be important to get right, to help ensure that the functionality of the website is seamless and works as effectively as possible.