The Precious Moments of ‘Arafat 

It is a day when even the biggest sinner can attain the Forgiveness of Allah! Every second is priceless. Repent with a sincere heart and see how Allah’s Mercy encompasses everything. SubhanAllah!

The Day of ‘Arafat is the essence of the Hajj journey. The climax. The turning point. Many Hujjaj have sincerely repented on this day and made loyal pledges to turn around their lives for the better.

The scene on this day is indescribable. It makes one feel as if you are standing in front of The Almighty on the Day of Resurrection. Each and every single person stood on the plains of ‘Arafat has the same objective; how can I be pardoned by The Almighty and start a fresh new life?

‘Aisha RA mentions that the Prophet PBUH said: “There is no day where God sets free more slaves from Hell than on the Day of ‘Arafat.” (Muslim)

Looking around on the day of ‘Arafat, imagine how many Hujjaj’s sins are being wiped away by The Almighty? How many sincere hearts are softened and turn to The Almighty to seek His Forgiveness? Imagine how many supplications in total have been asked to The Almighty on this blessed day?

Also, for those who are not performing Hajj this year, if we fast sincerely, Allah is so Merciful that He has promised to expiate our sins for the preceding and the following year. SubhanAllah. How can we not take advantage of this?

May The Almighty accept the Hajj of all Hujjaj performing the blessed pilgrimage this year. May He forgive us for all of our sins and shortcomings and may He call us back to visit His House again and again InshaAllah. Aameen!