Top 5 Tips on how to continue being consistent after Ramadan

My Top 5 Tips to continue striving after Ramadan

1. Fasting: Maintaining a regular weekly Sunnah fasting (Mondays & Thursdays) routine really helps both physically and spiritually. Also, observing the six fasts of Shawwal is an excellent opportunity to continue the momentum of Ramadan and has the reward of fasting for an entire year!

2. Qur’an: Whether it’s a page, a verse or a Juz, maintaining a daily connection with the Qur’an is so important to build one’s spiritual connection with Allah. Trying to understand the meanings and key messages of the Qur’an is even more beneficial than simply just memorising or reciting. Qur’an journaling is something worth pursuing, which really helped to deepen one’s relationship with the Qur’an.

3. Charity: Try not to only donate even more frequently for charitable causes but to also volunteer and give some time to help charitable causes. For example; volunteering at a soup kitchen, helping out at your local Mosque or giving regular time towards any other local community project.

4. Family: We probably spend more time together with our families in Ramadan than any other month of the year. Try to maintain the frequency of bonding together as a family daily. For example, eating together for at least one meal a day, organising Islamic studies circles (reading Quran, Prophets’ stories etc) can really help to build excitement and love for Islam, especially within our children.

5. Prayer: Maintaining the regularity of prayer is crucial. Trying to offer additional Nafl (optional) prayers as well as the compulsory five daily prayers will help to build one’s spiritual connection with Allah. Whenever possible, individual/private worship (especially Tahajjud) is so beneficial and can really help to build an even more intimate link with Allah!

May Allah allow us to remain steadfast and excel in our good deeds after Ramadan. Ameen!