Why I wrote ‘My Qur’an Journal’

Why did I decide to write My Quran Journal?

When I had memorised the Qur’an aged 12, I did not understand the Arabic language. Moreso, I was not able to understand the Quran as I was reciting or memorising. Looking back at my childhood, I really wished I was exposed more to the Arabic language and studying or reflecting upon the Quran was given more emphasis in my Islamic and Quran studies. Therefore, my childhood experience played a huge role in my writing of the book. As I’m now able to understand and appreciate the Arabic language more fluently now than I did with my childhood, it’s strengthened my connection with the Quran and helps me with strengthening my Memorisation and retention of the Quran too.

My Quran Journal is not aimed at a particular audience. In fact, it’s designed to be catered for a wide range of audiences. The key concept behind the book is to allow the reader to initiate and develop a weekly or regular connection with the Quran. Regardless of how strong or weak your connection with the Quran is, this book is accessible for EVERYONE.

My Quran Journal contains 52 selected Quranic verses from 52 themes taken from the Quran. Each theme has been carefully selected and presented in the book within a purposeful and chronological order. The themes are relatable to everyday life and aims to make us think more deeply about three verses and themes. More importantly, the book contains several prompts of how we can apply these themes and verses into our everyday lives.

Ultimately, we all have a responsibility to not just recite or memorise the Quran but to also UNDERSTAND and REFLECT upon the Quran. When you connect more deeply with the Quran, your relationship with Allah deepens as a result. I pray that Allah accepts this book from me and allows many people to benefit. Ameen.

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